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Does business networking work?

Reading a careers book it says it is a good idea to do networking - to build up a network of ex-work colleagues, people in other businesses, networking organisations, and cold-calling companies to speak to and get to know people.

Has anyone tried this? And did it help you in your career?

Does business networking work?
DEFINITELY - networking can help you in your business and in your career

You get to know about job openings before others learn about it. Or someone can recommend you to their bosses for the position because they happened to know you. Or they can introduce you to people who can help you - whether you need funding for a business idea or getting information.

In fact if you are in business, networking is very critical as it can help you land new clients, find investors, find mentors who can guide you, and just someone to pretty much bounce off ideas.

That's why they say never to burn your bridges when you leave a company, because the network you built in that previous employment may prove valuable later on.
Reply:Oh yes! I know a woman in our department who got job just with the help of networking... she is so lucky .. she is so friendly and always planning group lunch and stuff.. gets to work around noon and leaves at 5:00 or something like that.. she has made friends with the bosses and their networks as well ...

Business networking works...
Reply:i would say so , i know many business people who swear by it i know it sounds lame but i would say to my husband can we not go eat somewhere else , he'd say no its networking etc etc and sure a shot he has gotten stacks of business simply through eating in the right places and mixing with the people who may need his business or may someone who might need it , then they tell others so you mix with them etc your reading about it so theres no need for me to waffle on , but its worked for him no end in fact its been the main stay of his IT business.

best of luck
Reply:All that networking means is that you take a structured approach to the people you communicate with. You keep a note of who you've spoken to, what they do and where you met them. You always help other people if they are looking for someone by referring to the 'contacts' you have in your list - broker those meetings if you want to earn extra brownie points. Be seen as a good networker and the right people will be there for you when you need them.
Reply:I've never done it myself, but I've hired plenty of people who used networking to learn of an opening and apply for it. It does work because many jobs are never advertised. It also happens that there is no official opening, but that a particular individual is so compelling that the business searches for an opening for him/her. These jobs only exist because the individual comes to the attention of the organization and the only way to do that is by networking.

Networking and Website Design and Programming. im looking at doing a course for this.?

Once ive completed it. What type of jobs does Networking and Programming involve?

Whats the pay like would i be able to support a family when im ready to have one?

What are the basics to programming and networking. What do you actually do from a day to day basis??

thanks for your replies!!

Networking and Website Design and Programming. im looking at doing a course for this.?
You're probably not going to be able to enter a programming job, or career for that matter, after one class - especially if they are cramming networking, web design, and programming all into one course.

After a series of these types of classes (probably an associates degree) you should be able to get a job as a network administrator, a system administrator, or a programmer, depending on what jobs are available in your area.

What you would do from day to day would vary upon which job you are hired for - people are not generally hired to do all of those things in one business. You are much more likely to do only programming, or only web design/development, or only system administration.

What you'll do from day to day? Well, that'll vary depending on what you get hired for, because you're certainly not going to do all of those things at one job. Any of these jobs, however, is a decent job. You'll be in an office, no hard labor, and probably work 9-5. Salary will depend on your location and the company for which you work. Most likely, you will receive some kind of benefits.

If you are serious about becoming one of the above listed jobs, I would highly consider getting an Associates Degree. Anybody that tries to convince you that you will be able to walk away from this single class as a webdesigner, a programmer, and a network administrator is LYING. Each of those subjects often have their own sets of classes, so don't be taken for your money. Check out your community college and learn things well.

Good Luck! - If you have any more questions send me an email (see profile.)
Reply:Just look at your hotjobs in your area.

Its about Networking...........?

When I open task manager and go to networking, it shows my adapter name i.e. my connection name, Network utilisation, link speed %26amp; status. Now my question is what is networking utilisation, it always shows 12-14% only though I'm continuously on the net with some heavy download. My linkspeed it shows 480.8Kbps (Not KBps), what is this connection type I meen is it Broadband or normal or what, though I have asked from my ISP the normal one. Please help......thanx

Its about Networking...........?
That's very likely because your adapter can handle alot more

than you're outside link can provide.

I.e. if you have a 100mbit network card connected to a broadband

dsl modem with 6mbit you can easily see that the network utilization

won't go up too far. It's calculated by the link speed of the adapter.

That doesn't have to be the speed you're actually connected with

on the other side of the modem or router.

Networking of a Window XP computer with Window MCE computer?


I can't get Networking of a Window XP Home computer with Window MCE computer to work so that I can watch the MCE recorded program from the networked XP Home computer.

Any luck?

Networking of a Window XP computer with Window MCE computer?
On the XP computer go to My Network Places. On the left is a menu. One of the entries is "Set up a home or small office network". Click on it. It will bring up a wizard that will ask a series of questions. Answer them as simply as possible (but answer Yes to "Do you want to turn on Printer and File Sharing") and keep clicking on Next. You will reach a screen saying "You're almost done...", and saying that you need to run the Network Setup wizard once on each computer. Choose the item that says "Create a Network Setup Disk". This will create a floppy disk. Follow the directions to run this disk on your other computer (the "MCE" computer).

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NETWORKING SERVICES - in my Windows Program - what should be checked?

I alone use my computer and am not on a network. Should my windows program "Networking Services" have any boxes checked? I was just gonna remove it, but thought I'd ask before I ran into disaster. Thanks for your answers!

NETWORKING SERVICES - in my Windows Program - what should be checked?
you mean under Windows Setup?

No you don't need any of those
Reply:Answering Services might be a great option for you to get started with! Go to

to learn more about answering services and to visit prospective companies.

Networking security Table of content?

i am doing a research paper of networking security these are my topics that i currently have... what order should i put them in... also any other information i should add on networking security please feel free to add you comments

• Router Security

• Firewalls

• Wireless Security

• Security Software

• Smart cards/ Tokens

• Accounts and Passwords

• Worms, Trojan Horses, Viruses

• Internet Security

• Online Identity Theft

Networking security Table of content?


system hacking

networking hacking e.g dos attacks,firewalls



social engg

session hijacking

we hacking

hope this helps.
Reply:wow i really wanted to help you with this but i have no idea where to start or how to put it into terms a general user would understand.

Networking national defence system a good idea?

I saw a documentary recently where US is networking their entire defense systems. Do you think networking them and relying more on computers a good idea.

I can understand that computers are precise in targeting but they can be easily hacked or malfunctioned. I guess one electromagnetic bomb can shut down our entire defense system.

I just want to know why is US spending billions of dollars on these projects, do they have any back ups?

Networking national defence system a good idea?
These defense systems are built for the expectation. EMP wont effect it at all. The exterior protects it from that.
Reply:In order to hack that system, it would have to be possible to access it outside the system, and the defense department would never allow that. Government systems are expected to conform to what is called the 5 9's of accuracy, it must be 99.999% reliable in testing before it is deployed, leaving a maximum unexpected downtime of about 3 minutes per year. I'm sure such a network would be distributed, meaning an EMP would only affect the network within its blast radius, the rest of the network would compensate for the downtime.
Reply:and we are gonna call it SKYNET
Reply:not sure but being the u.s. and our great commander in chief.........................(LMAO@what I just said)


I would have to say probably not lol